The School District.

So on the forth of July I found out I will not be going to my high school of choice Richland Northeast next year because of where my house is located. We were asked in the middle of July to send in a letter to the school board asking permission to go to RNE next year, and that they would send me my report card and my schedule for next year. Well that apparently isn’t happening, I will be going to AC Flora next year for my sophomore year. What I don’t understand is that the school board will let people who live thirty-forty five minutes away go to any school they want in a district two school zone, but they won’t let someone who lives ten-fifteen minutes away go to a school in Richland district two. For those of you that don’t know what I’m talking about, in South Carolina there is a law that was made by the school board that as long as you are in a certain school zone (for all my life it was been Richland District school zone 2) you can go to whatever school you want to IN that school zone, but if your not, they will make you go to whatever school zone you are in (which now for me in Richland district school zone 1). I have had great attendance this year, (unless I was sick) and I have NEVER had a problem with transportation to and from school, so I don’t see what the big deal is. I heard from one of my teachers that is has to do with taxes, well if the school board is so powerful enough to tell me which school I CAN AND CAN’T GO TO, then why aren’t they powerful enough to switch the taxes that we pay? It makes no since to me. The best excuse they could give us in the letter they sent back was that “she is not in her residential zoning area; also there is no Richland school district two policy that supports your request.” I’m going to need a better excuse then that. I just can’t seem the understand why we can’t go to a school we choose to if we can get to and from the school with no problem. But, I guess that’s how to system is. But I have thought over what I’m going to do if things didn’t work out the way I had hoped. I plan on going my sophomore year at AC flora and depending on how that year goes I will decide weather or not I want to do residential stay at Governor School for the Humanity and the Arts, and major in drama. I wanted to go to governor school during the summer but I didn’t because I knew it would get in the way of colorguard. Again for those who don’t know what governor school is, its basically like a college, you live at the school (which is near Greenville) for a regular school year, then come back during the summer, it’s a school for those who want to excel in arts and humanities, and I fall under that category. The also give away financial aid and scholarships for the governor and for some college, I would recommend it for any high school student. Residential stay is only for juniors and seniors, but the summer classes are for rising 9th graders and so on through 12th, and instead of staying during the school year, you stay during a little bit of the summer. If you want to know more go to http://www.scgsah.org/ . But anyway I guess that’s really all I have to say about my plan and what happened over the last couple of days for those of you who didn’t understand and wanted to know.