A Letter To A Missed Friend:

There isn’t a day that doesn’t go by that I don’t miss you. In January when the sickness took over, everyone who knew you found themselves asking why and questioning God. You were cured from the sickness, but soon it came back ten times worst. You were strong, and every time I talked to you, you always were optimist and not even this sickness could hold you back. When I heard that you passed away I was scared that I would forget you, remember you for a few days and then forget about you completely. But recently I haven’t been able to get you out of my mind. Whatever I listen to, watch, read, think about it all comes back to you. The memories we share, and the inside jokes, there is no way I can forget them. I never will. Walking into that high school with crowds of people, wearing orange, blue, and white, and the sad faces remembering you showed me that you impacted so many people in the short time that you lived on this earth. All the posters that people made for you and the homemade t-shirts worn to your funeral, you were loved by so many people. Even though it pains me to know that you are no longer with us physically, your in heaven now were the sickness is no longer running through your veins. Your death has taught me how special life is, and that even though I’m a teenager I’m not immortal. So this is my goodbye, a finale realization that you are happy and healthy now, and that you are with me everyday. Rest in peace darling, I Miss You So Much.


When I decided I wanted to start my blog back up and actually attempt to update daily and such. The first thing I thought about was “what is going to be the name of this blog!” Before my blog was named “The Everyday Life of Your Not So Average Teenager,” and I realized, that is really cliché. The whole day since I made up my mind about re-starting my blog I have been thinking of names, I seriously could barley function (more then usual that is.) So after running to circuit city, target, and Wendy’s I sat down and pulled up ITunes and listened to music while looking up lyrics. Every two seconds I IMed Raychel telling her names I thought were unique, and she IMed me back her opinions. Some of the names we thought of were, “Show Me What It Means to Live”, “So Long Self, It’s Been Fun”, “I’m Carrying Your Heart With Mine”, “The Secret Of The World Is Written In The Stars”, and “Worlds Collide As Heaven Pulls Us Through.” We both seemed to agree on “The Secret of the World Is Written in the Stars” and somehow got on the discussion of adding ‘P.S.’ to the blog title, I gave the idea of “P.S. I’m Carrying My Heart with you” and then discovered that was too sweet for the kind of things that will appear in my blog. So Raychel gave me the idea of doing “Ps. The Secret of the World is...” and at first I wasn’t going to use it, but a couple minutes later it grew on me. Raychel discussed to me that the title can mean different things for different people. For example to me it can mean I’m not sure what the secret of the world is because I haven’t found it yet. Then a good friend of mines Jonathan IMed I and we soon started talking about blogs and design templates, and he helped me set up the blog template with his rude opinions, but I love him anyway. I have planed to do some kind of weekly/daily/monthly thing. I got this idea from a friends of mine blog, brittney who does some diferent kind of daily/weekly things. So far I am doing a weekly playlist (there will be a new playlist of five songs of the week every Sunday.) I also want to do a monthly thing, but I’m not sure what that will be yet, so I will get back to you on that. I will post a blog About Me so you can learn and understand who I am better. So for now, goodnight.