It has been said that you meet people wherever you venture. People like you, people different from you. People with the same story, and people with a completely different story. People who are there for the exact same reason you are, or people who are there for something completely different. But, whatever the situation these “people” turn from strangers,

to acquaintances, to friends, to best friends, and then into family. When I left Richland Northeast I left behind not just my friends, but people who have grown into family, and honestly I think everyone knows I miss them so much. But at A.C. Flora I have met plenty of new people to call friends, but there are two people in particular that have become my sisters. Natalie and Kianna, both sophomores, both from different schools (Natalie is from Georgia and Kianna from Connecticut), both first years at A.C Flora just like me. Kianna and I met by chance, through and random and awkward guidance consoler visit and Natalie is in my French

class. The first found memory I have is spending time in the library during 3rd block “a” day

talking about how it’s hard to trust people now-a-days. How even your own family could turn against you. Every single one of us has been through that situation with a friend, and as we exchanged stories, smiles, and laughs each one of us knew that this was the start of something epic. I have never meet people who act exactly like me, have the same humor, and simple put…not normal. Even though I miss friends at Richland Northeast it’s good to know that I have people at A.C. Flora I can trust, and who I honestly have fun with. And the age old

saying fits perfectly for our group…”Me and my girls don’t turn heads, we break necks.”