"All Things Come To An End, Goodbye."

Hey ya’ll, I’m sorry I haven’t blogged in a while but I thought I would stop by and tell everyone what has been going on. This is the last week up school and we only have two more half days left. This whole last month has been crazy cramming for exams and making sure I pass all of them, and so far I have, and today I took my global studies exams which I am a little nervous about but, hopefully all will end well. I have also been working really hard to make sure I can stay at Richland northeast next year. In South Carolina you can only go to a school district you live in. I technology live in a Richland district 1 schooling zone,

 while Richland northeast is in Richland district 2 schooling zone. I want to stay at rne and finish out my last three years there, and hopefully the school board will allow me to stay, because I love it there, and that is the school for me. I am in two magnet programs, which I hope will help my chances of staying there, but I’m doing a lot of praying and hopefully all will turn out well. 

On may 31, 2009 was a really rough day for any friends/fans of a friend of mine named Theodore Mack, or as most people knew him Shawty Mack. He committed suicide by a gun to the head, nobody expected it. Anybody could tell you that he was known at the MySpace Celebrity because of his music. His rap wasn’t like others, it wasn’t about drugs, sex, violence, money, girls, etc. it was about where he wanted to be, wanted to be remembered as, and where he came from, and his music affected a lot of people. He attended AC Flora high school, but his music branched out all across Columbia, South Carolina. I had only talked to him a few times about life, and music, but when I found out what happened I couldn’t help but cry and think that it didn’t have to end like it did. His funeral is in a few days, and sadly I can’t make it because of exams but his mother, little brother, and father are in my mind, and prays. Rest in Peace Theodore Teddy Mack [March 6. 1991- May 29, 2009], you are greatly loved, and missed, I will see you real soon hunny, watch over all of us. On a lighter note, I am going to try to blog as much as I can during the summer, but I am trying to find another blogging site, any suggestions please send me an email at ShannonVieau2012@hotmail.com or simply comment the blog, ha-ha. I’m not sure if im going to keep doing the weekly post secret or playlist, I might get rid of one, and I don’t know about the monthly random list either. I will get back to ya’ll on that soon, I promise. I do have some summer goals I plan to accomplish, and here they are. Please hold them to me. (:


1.)    Go through all my files on the computer, and clean all of them up completely.

2.)    Completely clean my rooms, go through everything, and donate/sell things I don’t need anymore. Reorganize my room.

3.)    Get a job.

4.)    Get my permit.

5.)    Stay active.


Those are about it, If I think about anything more I will tell ya’ll.