I Will Admit...

I use to be just like a man when it came to feelings. You would NEVER see my cry, not even close to it. I held my feelings in an unleashed them whenever I knew I was alone, whether that was in screaming and yelling or crying and being overly dramatic. Like Dane cook said “You walk into the house, and as soon as you here those three seconds of silent...and all hell breaks lose.” When high school started I begin to learn that crying was okay, and letting my guard down to let the people who loved me was a great feeling. Over the last three weeks I have had to watch someone I honestly love suffer, and fade away from me. And yes I am talking about my I guess you can still call him boyfriend (technology we are on a ‘break’.) It hurts for him to not trust me, to fade away like that. It hurts for him to look at me, and walk right past me off campus. I’m not going to lie, I hate with a passion this waiting game, for him to come around and everything to hopefully be okay soon but, something is keeping me there. I miss him so much and whenever my mind isn’t occupied with something I always turn back to him. Hopefully everything will be okay soon, and he will be able to talk to me about it. I don’t want to lose him, I love him, I miss him, and I want everything to be okay soon.

"Confidence is keeping it together, when the whole world would understand if you gave up."