I Shouldn't Hate This School Already!

So today we went to register myself into A.C. Flora high school. The way they run their school so far, is making me feel disorganized, and frustrated. The women who was doing our registration not only was about to get on my last nerves, and from the look of the other parents faces that where in there with us, it already looked like she crossed that line. Richland two will always be the better school district, and Richland Northeast will ALWAYS be my favorite school. Anyway, the air-headed women who even admitted she didn’t know what she was doing, after thirty minutes of us saying the same freaking thing to her and her being to incompetent to comprehend anything that came from my/my mom’s mouth, she finally gave me a map of the school. The way the school is laid out I just have a feeling like I’m gonna be spending most of my time looking for my classes then actually being in them. Unlike Richland two, Richland one doesn’t give you schedules, on the first day of school at A.C. Flora, there will be papers posted up at the front of the school with EVERYONE’S names on it and a class room, from there you go find your class room and eventually you will get your class schedule. Maybe it’s just me, but that is the most unorganized way to give a bunch of teenagers who will be wondering around campus looking like idiots, there class schedules, like is it really that hard to give everyone a print out early so we can at least know where we are going and what classes we have? Also, there is NO LATE START, I hope these people are prepared to see my pissy side, because late start was the day for me to regain some of the sleep that I didn’t have that week. This is especially gonna suck if my sleeping disorder starts back up again, which I know it will because it happens every time I’m stressed out. So getting five hours of sleep a week, is not gonna be working for me. School starts at 8:00 and ends at 3:15. And they have those stupid A Days, And B Days, which is what I’m sure a lot of people had to deal with in middle school, which also are stupid and a waste of my flipping time! Anyway, that is all….for now.

P.S. School Starts Monday The 17th. Wa!