Cell Phone Situation:

So today after plenty of research on the phone I wanted and plans for phones and all this phone talk, blah, I finally asked my mom if she would get me a cell phone this summer. At first I was a tad nerves because I thought the moment I even said the world cell she would automatically tell me no, and go on about God knows what for the next ten minutes about nothing that had to do with cell phones at all. But when I told her if she would think about getting me a cell phone this summer, she agreed that I did need a cell phone and that it would be a good thing to get one. So I showed her phones I had been looking at on T-mobile (the service she carries) and they have blackberries on the site for discounts at 74.99 and 149.99 for the blackberry curve 8900 and blackberry curve- Titanium. Just incase you don’t know the only difference between the two is memory and that’s it. I have 70 dollars on me were I could by the titanium blackberry, even though I would like the 8900 but it’s alright. If my mom did get my the titanium blackberry the monthly bill for it will be 94.98 for the plan I want to get put on and the blackberry service plan for unlimited text and web. She told me that because she is already paying a 80 something bill for her phone now that she isn’t going to be able to pay the full amount for her and my cell phone. And basically that I need to find someone else that will pay the other half of the bill, so for right now I’m asking our family friend and old roommate Jeff if he will help out (if they split the bill they both will be only paying 47 dollars a month basicly) Since before my cell phone got stolen he was the one paying for my cell phone, and I told him I would give him the money back that he at originally gave me for the beach, since I doubt that will be happing anytime soon and told him basically what I wanted in a phone which is a reasonable amount of anytime minutes and unlimited web and text access and I showed him the two blackberry I was looking at. So hopefully he will email me back and we will see what we can do, and hopefully in the next couple of weeks he will be able to get me a cell phone. Let’s hope for the best, yes? (: