This Week Has Been Auhmazing Kiddos:

This week has been ten times better then the last two weeks. For those of you that know, for the last two weeks I have been fighting off a really bad cold. I have headaches every single day, I could barley breathe, my throat hurt like a mofo, and I had a horrible cough. I still do have a bad cough but at least it’s getting better which is good. I have actually been making great grades in all my classes, because literally for the past two weeks I have done absolutely nothing and that defiantly reflected in my grades. Guess what guys, I actually passed a math test, I didn’t know what to do about myself it’s an improvement from when I have been making. I made an 80, and I think I was one of the very few to actually pass the test, I know one girl made a 100, and from the look on the other peoples faces in the class and what Mrs. Ward was saying I could tell people weren’t happy with their grades. I had a 72 in that class on my interim which we got today, and when we got the progress report that had the most recent test on it, my grade only went up to a 73 but that closer. If you didn’t know I basically have till next report card to somehow make that grade a 77 or above before I get kicked out of AVID. Speaking of AVID, again for the last two weeks I have been dead, so I have been making 48’s on my binder checks. Mrs. Rabin told the class that she was only going to check the AVID section in our notebook and I got very angry at that because I had worked so hard on that notebook to get a 105 and she wasn’t going to check it, so eventually I got to her and she did check my whole notebook and I got a 105, go me! Wednesday there was a career fair in the gym, which meant no gym for us, so the class went downstairs in the gym to look around the career fair and I got a lot of free random stuff. There was really nothing down there that interested me in what I would like to have in a career but it was still fun, and after I had a moment at the marine booth and walked away while I still had my dignity I went to the rest of my classes. Thursday morning was kind of bad because rose (or my “grandmother” I sometimes call her because I don’t feel like explaining my family situation) picked me up way late so I was late for gym in the morning but thank god that ROTC was having their annual check thingy so we had to sit in study hall for two hours doing nothing. Anyway, you know those mornings when your driving and you really need to get somewhere but it seems every slow car just happens to get in front of you, or like a big truck gets in front of you and goes slow, and you want to murder everyone, well that is what happened that morning. The afternoon got interesting when I certain kid in my 3rd and 4th (which is global studies with Strickland) was harassing me the whole time to go off campus with him, and I so thought he was kidding when he said he had a car, I honestly didn’t believe him. But he somehow found me at lunch and kidnapped me and we went off campus and just drove around and talked. He caught my attention and I wouldn’t mind making him my next victim I mean lover. Friday was just random and I’m not sure what to say about that, oh we have a new kid his name is Bradley, he is so freaking adorable and me and Chelsea took him under of wing, he is a sophomore and our personality clicked so we became good friends fast. Another thing I have been debating over the last month is I should try out for cheerleading it’s always something I have wanted to do but have always been to scared to actually do because I don’t want to embarrass myself, but I do plan on meeting with one of my friends and start training to see what happens, and hopefully I will grow some balls and actually try out this year. I think I am done with this blog and have pretty much updated ya’ll on everything that has happened this week. I plan on ending this blog with stuff I have been hearing people say for the past week, that have made me crack up:

Darius (Or Bear): *sneezes* “Awww! I Got Sick!” *Smacks Head on Desk*

Danny: “I Can’t Feel My Face!” *smacks self*

Domo “Well helloooooo Mr. Strickland *try to hug him*”
Mr. Strickland: “Don’t touch me.”

Mrs. Rabin: “Whoa! Now I’m Confused.”

Random guy: *to his friend* “I really shouldn’t have eaten that rice crispy treat whole, it’s fighting back.”

Brianna: “Ya’ll children need to all shut up!”
Mr. Strickland: “Word.”

John: *talking to me* “Is your testicular cancer acting up?”

Rashad: “Man I tried that whole meditation thing, I lighted some candles, burned some incense still got nowhere.”

Mrs. Rabin: *To me and donovan* "Ya'll are like salt and pepper, always together."