Good Advice From A Good Friend:

"You Know I Hate Losing Friends Or Going Far Away From Them. The Word Bye, I Just Hate That Word So Much And I Feel Bad Whenever I Say The Word. It's Like Telling That Person I'm Never Going To See You Again. But I Guess Thats The Way Life Is Sometimes. Something Is Going To Happen Or Someone Is Going To Leave. It's Just Gonna Happen All The Time And You Just Have To Get Use To It....Who Knows What Is Going To Happen In The Future? When Someone That You Love Says Bye To You, Never Say It Back To Them. I've Experienced It Shannon, I know What Its Like. It Will Feel Like Your Losing One Of The Most Valuable Thing In Your Life, And Its The Most Difficult Thing To Replace." -Aden Mabruk (june 5th, 2009)