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A teenager is a person who can't remember to walk the dog but never forgets a phone number. A weight watcher who goes on a diet by giving up candy before breakfast, A youngster who receives her allowance on Monday and spends it on Tuesday and borrows her best friend's allowance on Wednesday. Someone who can hear her favorite singer three blocks away, but not her mom in the next room. A whiz that can operate the latest computer without a lesson, but can't make a bed, A student who spends twelve minutes studying for history, but twelve hours studying for her driver's license. An enthusiast who has the energy to bike four miles but is too tired to do the dishes, A young woman who loves the cat and tolerates the little brother. A teenager is a romantic who never falls in love for more than a week, a budding beauty who never smiles until her braces come off. A boy who can sleep 'til noon on any Saturday when he expects the lawn needs mowing, and an original thinker who is positive that their parents where never teenagers.


September 10th: World Suicide Prevention Day

What comes to mind when you hear the words "Suicide Prevention"?

Is it really possible to prevent suicide?

We know it isn't simple. We know it isn't easy. But we do believe in hope and we do believe in help, and we believe that people need other people. And if those ideas are real and true, then we believe that it is possible to prevent suicide.

And we don't think it's a work only for the experts. We believe there's a part for all of us to play, that perhaps suicide prevention begins in countless simple miracles every single day. Perhaps it starts with two friends sitting down for coffee... And one of them asks "How are you doing". Perhaps it starts when
we choose to live less alone, when we choose to let people in - to know us, to love us, to walk alongside us. Call it "community" or call it the way things are supposed to be. We're willing to say that suicide prevention starts there - it starts when we're willing to talk, willing to ask the hard question, willing to say the honest thing. Maybe the bravest move we'll ever make it to ask for help. Or ask how we can help someone we love.

Maybe it starts when we push back at the stereotype and the lies that fuel the stigma that says pain is something we're not allowed to talk about, or that pain is for people a certain age who dress a certain way and like a certain song. Those are lies. The truth is that pain is part of being human. The questions will continue to come. We all get stuck in moments. The good news is that there is also hope and love and change. The good news is that we were meant for friends. The good news is counseling and treatment. The
good news is that we don't have to go alone.

"Suicide Prevention."
What's your part to play? We're all invited. Smile at someone, know someone, say something, ask the question, make the call, take the drive. Every life is priceless and fragile. We get to guard and fight and care, for the people around us. There are plenty of things to fight about and for over the course of our lives - let's remember that people are the most important thing, the brightest surprises on the planet. Let's remember that every single person has a story entirely unique and incredibly important, but not everyone can see it. And what a privilege that we get to do our best to remind and invite people, to believe better things, to believe that it's possible to change, to believe that life is worth living... We're not saying that it's easy. But we're saying that it's worth it.

Love is the movement. Thank you for caring.
-Jamie Tworkowski (From To Write Love On Her Arms)

*For more info and statistics on suicide from the World Health Organization, click here.

In Loving Memory Of Theadore Mack
You Are Missed. <3


Things That Make Me Go (:

*This Idea was originally taken from Raychel Celeste over at Favorite Mistakes, Check Her Out.

The Top Then Things That Bring the Biggest Smile on My Face:

10.) Text Messages from RNE People, Simply Saying “I Miss You.”

9.) GOOD Indie Music.

8.) Southern Hospitality.

7.) My Kitten Cuddling With Me Every Morning When I Wake Up.

6.) Fall Weather.

5.) Tan lines, After the Worst Sunburn Ever.

4.) A Little Good News, Even In Worst Times.

3.) Coffee at Starbucks in Five Points.

2.) Live Bands.

1.) Memories.


Dear You Know Who You Are;

I've found that it's a good thing to go through heartache at one point or another in your lifetime. Not the petty, childhood heartache. But the horrible kind we've experienced. But see, when you get to the healing part of this, you will have so much love to share with someone. You will be able to appreciate someone in ways even you cannot understand. You will be so much stronger than you were before. I know how much this sucks right now and I know it seems unfair, but when it's all said and done with, this will all make sense. All this pain you are going through at this moment will eventually teach you some of the greatest lessons in life you will ever need to learn.


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