February's List: (Two Out Of Twelve)

Fifty Facts About Me:
1.) I’m a good listener.
2.) I think feet as the most DISTGUSTING part of a human body ever, if a foot touches me, I will punch you in the face.
3.) The future scares me.
4.) If you see me, you would probably think pink is my favorite color, but honestly it’s not, yellow is.
5.) I love dance, and am becoming obsessed with color/winter guard.
6.) I speak my mind, and probably need to learn how to shut up.
7.) My friends are my everything, and I couldn’t function without them.
8.) I lost one of my good friends on December 19, 2008 to Acute Milord Leukemia; you don’t know how much I miss him.
9.) I am defiantly a dreamer.
10.) My worst fear is to die in a hostile situation.
11.) My favorite Math teacher was Mrs. A. King, in eighth grade.
12.) I know it’s probably hard to believe but I don’t have any secrets, honestly.
13.) I love zebras and zebra print, I am floating in a world of zebra print.
14.) Independent (or Indi) music is this music I prefer to listen to, and I enjoy it.
15.) I’m not sure what I want to be when “I grow up” but I’m sure God will lead me to it.
16.) I am a true southern belle and have lived in South Carolina for all my life; I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon.
17.) My heritage is French.
18.) I believe in the African tribal saying, “protect your name before your body.”
19.) I have a very low tolerance level, and it gets shorter every year.
20.) The worst thing you can do to me is lie to me, screw me over, or backstab me, trust me that is not something you want to do.
21.) I don’t forgive easily, and I can’t trust people.
22.) I have a dream to perform in Broadway one day, and hopefully I will make it there eventually.
23.) When I was young I use to be very shy, I know hard to believe right?
24.) Right now I am the happiest I have been in a few years and I love my life.
25.) I have played volleyball for the last three years of my life, and I’m a beast son.
26.) Everyone tells me I’m dyslexic, and I believe that is possible.
27.) I have this thing with looking people in the eyes, I just can’t do it but, over the last couple years it has gotten better.
28.) I have gone through stages were I had horrible night terrors and I haven’t gotten any in a few years thank god.
29.) With my contacts in, I have 20-20 vision, without them in I am considered legally blind, thanks mom for the bad eye sight.
30.) I love fashion, all kinds, if you have a question about fashion ask me I will know exactly what you are talking about. (:
31.) I try to always stay happy no matter what; Happiness is the best medicine, right?
32.) I usually use the words faggot, whore, slut, douche bag, but I really don’t mean anything by it...sometimes.
33.) I learned the art of sarcasm before I even learned how to speak English.
34.) I prefer cold weather over hot, but I am defiantly a summer girl.
35.) I hate airplanes and am terrified of them; I will never ever get on one, ever.
36.) I actually enjoy reading when I find a good book, unlike most lazy teenagers these days.
37.) I have like five million sisters, and like ten million cousins, no joke.
38.) I actually enjoy school a lot.
39.) My absolute favorite verse from the Bible is Psalm 56:11 “In God I have put my trust, I shall not be afraid. What can man do to me?”
40.) I can not say the word feminine to save my life.
41.) I categorize my music into files like “pissed off music” “baby making music” “busting out music” and so on and so forth.
42.) I am very unholy organized, I am pretty sure I have OCD; it has been known to run in my family.
43.) You can count on me to get something done, when I say I’m going to do it, I do it.
44.) I buy movies and never watch them until like a year later.
45.) I want a few tattoos and have a lot in mind for ideas; my first tattoo will be a memorial for Josiah.
46.) I use to play trumpet in 6th grade band; I was third chair, after quitting band I learned to play the piano and some of the guitar.
47.) I am excited that Brittney spears is making a come back and she cleaned up her act.
48.) I have morals, and I don’t care who you are I am never going to lose them.
49.) I am very clumsy and fall around eight times a day.
50.) I use to hate writing, but this year of High school I have learned to love it.