Favorite Post Secrets Of The Day: (One Out Of Fifty Two)

The Posion Playlist: (One Out Of Fifty Two)

Some of the best songs by posion ever:
  1. She’s my cherry pie by Poison
  2. Nothing but a Good Time by Poison
  3. Something to Believe In by Poison
  4. Talk Dirty To Me by Poison
  5. Rock and Roll all Night by Poison

January's List: (One Out Of Twelve)

One Hundred And One Things That Make Life worth Living For:
1.) The High School Experience.
2.) Sweet Tea.
3.) Old Memories.
4.) Falling Asleep In His Arms. <3
5.) White Chocolate with blueberries.
6.) Inside Jokes.
7.) Sleeping With the Window Open.
8.) Falling In Love.
9.) Broadway Musicals.
10.) Late Night Conversations.
11.) Learning Something Interesting And New.
12.) Good, Real, Honest, Amazing Friends.
13.) Knowing Someone Misses You.
14.) The Taste of Saltwater On Your Lips after the Beach.
15.) Cuddling With Your Favorite Animal.
16.) Completing all Your Homework So You Don’t Have To Make It Up.
17.) A Nap after a Long Day.
18.) The AMAZING Tan after Deadly Sunburn.
19.) To Write Love on Her Arms.
20.) Having a Deep Conversation with Someone You Trust.
21.) Laughing So Hard Your Crying.
22.) Three Hours of Colorguard after School.
23.) The Look and Sound of the Ocean at Night.
24.) The Sims 2: Apartment Life.
25.) Watching Random YouTube Videos.
26.) Pastels, Paint, and Graphite Pencils.
27.) Re-Runs Of Full House, And Saved By The Bell.
28.) Watching My Cat Fall Asleep In My Arms.
29.) Happy Tree Friends.
30.) Sitting In A Room Full Of People Discussing The Best Movies...Ever!
31.) Keeping a Box of Memories, And Looking Through It Often.
32.) WHA! (Waffle House Anonymous)
33.) “Put A Helmet On!” By Brad Stine
34.) His Kiss.
35.) Waking Up To a Singing Zaxby’s Box.
36.) Busting Out To Music When No One Is Around.
37.) Chinese Food.
38.) Proving the ‘Hater’s’ Wrong.
39.) Yankee Candles.
40.) The Way Your Hair Feels After A Haircut.
41.) Motorized Carts At Wal-Mart.
42.) Watching the Breakfast Club, and Quoting the Movie Every Two Seconds.
43.) Rainbows, the Shoes.
44.) Humper Buffers.
45.) Falling Asleep To Your Best Friend Spooning You.
46.) Watching College Footballs with Die Hard Fans.
47.) Poker with My Boyfriend and His Friends.
48.) Carmex Chap Stick.
49.) Funny Spelling Errors over AIM.
50.) The One Word Game In The Middle Of the Night.
51.) South Carolina’s Weather.
52.) Reading A Really Good Book That You Can’t Put Down.
53.) The Sound of a Colorguard Flag during a Speed Spin
54.) Mexican Food.
55.) Turing to the Bible for Advice.
56.) The Dollar Section in Target.
57.) Sitting Down And Listening To Ghost Stories.
58.) Overhearing A Compliment About Yourself.
59.) Scrapbooking an Important Event in Your Life.
60.) Taking Out All Your Anger While Playing Volleyball.
61.) Comedy Central Stand up Specials.
62.) Chick-Fl-A Milkshakes.
63.) Knowing You Accomplished Your Goal.
64.) Seeing Old Friends at Random Places.
65.) French Vanilla Coffee Early In the Moring, And Late At Night.
66.) Keeping Notebooks with Friends.
67.) Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter.
68.) New Episodes of Scrubs.
69.) Friends Running Up To You Every Morning at School for a Hug.
70.) Bacon, Egg, And Cheese Wraps with Hash browns Covered.
71.) Downloading New Music On To Your IPod.
72.) Listening To Songs That Relate To Your Current Situation.
73.) Watching My Nephew Grown Into A Handsome Young Man.
74.) Throwing Notes across the Classroom When the Teacher Turns Around.
75.) Hearing One of Your Favorite Songs on Your Favorite Radio Station.
76.) Spontaneous Road Trips with Good Friends.
77.) Sour Gummy Worms.
78.) Having Someone Tell You That You Are Beautiful.
79.) Knowing The Best Place To Watch The Sunset/Sunrise.
80.) Hide And Go Seek In The Freezing Cold.
81.) Watching Disney Movies, And Singing Along.
82.) Rolling The Windows Down, And Singing At The Top Of Your Lungs.
83.) Getting Butterflies When He Says I Love You.
84.) Making New Friends.
85.) Finding Out Who You Are.
86.) Laughing At Yourself, And Laughing For No Reason.
87.) Roasting Marshmallows on a Fire.
88.) Making up Words, And Convincing Yourself That They Are Real Words.
89.) Staying Up All Night, And Sleeping In All Day.
90.) Having A GREAT Hair Day.
91.) Being in the Limelight.
92.) Waking Up Early, And then Realizing You Have A Couple Hours Left To Sleep.
93.) Making Homemade Strawberry and Banana Muffins.
94.) The Feeling after a Long Hot Shower.
95.) Knowing You Belong Somewhere.
96.) Exploring Nature.
97.) Dancing In the Court Yard at School.
98.) Watching Family Guy Religiously Everyday.
99.) Getting Random but Thoughtful Gifts from Friends.
100.) Him Playing with My Hair, And Foot rubs.
101.) Waking Up To another Beautiful Day.

So I Have Decided...

So I Have Decided On The Following:
Every Saturday I Will Post A Playlist Of
Five Songs Of The Week.
Every Sunday I Will Post My Favorite Post
Secert, If You Don't Know What Post Secert is
Trust Me You Will Learn. (:
And Every Month I Have Decided To Make
A List, Like This Month The List Is 101 things
that make life worth living for.
Look Forward To These New Things,
And There Might Even Been More. (: