Favorite Post Secrets & Love Is A Story Playlist: (Eleven Out Of Fifty Two)

Sorry that I didn't actually post the posts on saturday and sunday, I was busy and a friends of mines house all week doing random stuff but, anyway I recently come apon a new band called Love Is A Story, they dropped there first album in January 2009. They are still brand new, I havn't been able to find any picutres of this band, and the only place i can find their whole album is on itunes. Enjoy! 

Favorite Post Secrets: 

Love Is A Story:
Album: The Science Of Sound
1.) Pop! (Put Yourself Out)
2.) Pink And Red Hearts
3.) If We Get Out, Let's Make Out
4.)Questions For An Ex-Lover
5.) Another Life: a Short Story
6.) On The Ocean
7.) Dressed To Kill
8.) Take Control
9.) Hide And Seek
10.) The Science Of Sound