"We Could Only Remember...

...how she would be able to dust herself off & start over again. & yet, we knew we couldn’t bear for her not to, & felt evermore optimistic that after all her struggles, she would someday meet her man, her equal. A man with the same charisma, love for life, & humanity she possessed. In the meantime, she’d have her friends, & the knowledge that she deserved the world." -Sex & the City


Today I have successfully;
1.) Created a theme song for my life.
2.) Had around five emotional breakdowns.
3.) Forced Ryan and Chris to join me in my breakdowns.
4.) Played red hands with Danny, lost horribly.
5.) Dropped five pounds of coffee on the ground.
6.) Broke a glass, which just happened to have hot boiling coffee in it.
7.) Almost got hit by a car taking out the trash.
8.) Got in a fight with the door...the door won.
9.) Slipped attempting to get in the shower, fell out the shower once I was done.
10.) Tried to discover the cure for stupid...didn’t get anywhere.
11.) Got in a slap fight with my cat.
12.) Tripped up the stairs not once, but three times all in the same millisecond.
13.) Tripped over my pants, but turned it into a sexy dance.
14.) Learned procrastination at it’s finest.
15.) Attempted to achieve nirvana... got nowhere.
16.) Learned the meaning behind trusticles.
17.) Missed my boyfriend, horribly.
18.) Thought about checking myself into a mental hospital.
19.) Thought about checking my friends into a mental hospital.
And last but not least....20.) Suffered third degree burns on my tongue.