A.C Flora In A Nutt Shell;

It has been two weeks since I propelled myself into a new school, new people, new rules, new expectations, new everything. (okay if you STILL don’t know by now I was recently forced to leave the best school ever to go to something…well less awesome.) There are certain “rumors” we will call them about Richland One schools, and I’m not going to lie, they are true for the most part. The first day was very awkward as to I didn’t know anymore, but I walked up to the first people I saw and said some simple words to them, “Ummm?!? Where am I suppose to go?” This couple was John and his girlfriend lacy, whom helped me around the school, tell me about the people there, which teachers to push buttons with, which to avoid, to NOT make eye contact with the cafeteria food (it’s been said to take souls) and all that good stuff. Getting back into a A day and B day schedule was difficult since I haven’t had one of those since 7th grade, but for the most part I enjoy and love all my teachers, they are so snarky and sarcastic which is the environment I work best in. I have made some new friends, all of them very chill. One in particular is Kianna, who is a sophomore like myself, but she moved to South Carolina from Connecticut a couple months ago, so was brand new like me. She new just what I was going through/feeling and she quickly became my best friend. It’s been said all the cute guys go to Richland One, I believe this now. They guys are VERY bold though; I couldn’t tell you how many asked for my number or asked me out within two minutes of knowing me. Yes, I’m having fun with this. I’m not going to lie, I honestly miss RNE and if I could go back there, I would do it in a heart beat, but A.C Flora isn’t as bad as people made it out to be, in the end the people are amazingly awesome, and the classes/teachers are amazing as well (that was one run on sentence and I’m to lazy to fix it.) I’m sure I will have more to blog about once the school year goes on, But just to let ya’ll know so far so good.