Rent Soundtrack (List Twelve Out Of Fifty Two)

"What Binds The Fabric Together, When The Raging, Shifting Winds Of Change Keep Ripping Away." -Rent

1.) Seasons Of Love

2.) Rent

3.) You'll See

4.)One Song Glory

5.) Light My Candle

6.) Today 4 U

7.) Tango: Maureen

8.) Life Support

9.) Out Tonight

10.) Another Day

11.) Will I

12.) Santa Fe

13.) I'll Cover You

14.) Over The Moon

15.) La Vie Boheme

16.) I Should Tell You

17.) La Vie Boheme (Part B)

18.) Seasons Of Love (Part B)

19.) Take Me Or Leave Me

20.) Without You

21.) Without You

22.) I'll Cover You (reprise)

23.) Halloween

24.) Goodbye Love

25.) What You Own

26.) Finale A

27.) Your Eyes

28.) Finale B

29.) Love Heals

"Any idiot can face a crisis - it's day to day living that wears you out."

This week has been hectic none the less. I am honestly sorry I have not blogged in a while, and I mean blogged about life and such. Lately things have pretty much been the same. I now have till next Wednesday (April 1) to bring all my grades up to a 77 or above or I will get kicked out of AVID. The good thing is is that I made a 78 on my replacement test, and my algebra teacher dropped the lowest test grade along with a few other things and brought my grade from a 71 to a 76, only one more percent and I will be in the clear. This isn't middle school anymore, and it's not going to be easy to get that one percent, but hopefully I passed that benchmark test, (and I mean hopefully I'm pulling some teeth when I say that because I don't know if I did good on that test at all.) If my grade drops I think I am going to cry and go into a deep depression and scream at the top of my lungs and cause a scene in the middle of class. My friend Alexis was in a car accident and has been gone for two weeks, something was wrong with her back and the car was totally totaled, She runs track, and hopefully she will be able to get back into that soon whenever her back completely heals. She came back today and seemed perfectly fine, smiling and everything I'm glad everything is okay and she isn't seriously hurt. Yes blogger world, I have a new boyfriend. He is an old soul and way wise for his seventeen years that he has been here. He is very ambitions and has dreams that any normal person would never be able to achieve. Music is his life and he just recently played a gig for an indie rock show, (awesome right?) He is my playlist soulmate. He is interesting, sweet, warmhearted, outgoing, and all together a nice guy. Even though I think my friends have made him cry with all the threats he has gotten from them, but hey gotta love your friends. We will see how this goes, and I will keep y'all updated. In gym we have started a new subject, so far we have done basketball (yuck), Street Hockey (disturbing), Track (Vomit), and now we are on the subject of volleyball (YAY!), I haven't played volleyball (which is my favorite sport and is a sport I use to play through out middle school) in a while so I do have a very bad cramp in my back and shoulder from upper hand serves. Other then that, nothing exciting has happened, So tell my bloggers, how was your weekend?