This Week:

This week has been pretty good; even through it was highly busy. We officially started our season in winter guard and are now practicing after school till 6:30 and getting the routine down for our first show down in Charleston at the end of January. Even though there is a little bit of drama, everything is going great and the new girls are getting the dance fast. It’s coming together quick, and I love it. Next week is exam week, and I have pretty much done every exam except for Algebra which I am NOT looking forward too. Lately every test I have been given from her, I have failed with at least a 60 or below. I know I know the material but I soon as I get tested on it, I fail it. I can pass every quiz and turn in all my work and such, but I soon as I get a quiz I freak and it sucks. I’m not sure if it’s because of the dyslexia that everyone claims I have or if I have test anxiety, but I really need to get to the bottom of it before I get kicked out of AVID. Good news though, I have brought my grade up in Physical science and am now passing with amazing effort, I’m very proud of myself. Today (Friday) I had my English exam and that was beyond easy I could have done it with my eyes close. So next week I will be twiddling my thumbs and figuring out ways to past my Algebra benchmark/exam. Anyway, drama in my life is gone (hopefully) and this week was good as far as that goes. Except my boyfriend has been sick with a chest cold, and was out for the last three days. I have been very worried about his health and missed him a lot. Hopefully he will be better by Monday. Oh yeah I also have two papers due by next week, one on the results from my egg drop project from physical science. The other shall be a speech for English, the speech is suppose to be a call the action, I have decided to do it on cancer in honor of Josiah. My call to action will be to give money for more cancer research and such, I’ll get back to ya’ll about that speech. This week I have also become a serious shopaholic and it’s very sad. Everyday this week I have gone somewhere to shop for something that was really not necessary when I should have been doing other more important things. I have successfully bought, Greek: Season Two (since I couldn’t fine season 1), fifty pounds of clothes from American eagle and Aerospatiale, and so much more. Someone go out and get me Secret Life of an American Teenager Season One, House All The Seasons, And Scrubs All The Seasons, I Will Love You Forever! I also went to my sisters first (I think) Mary Kay hostess party. Which I was glad I attended since it was all on skin care, and I am in desperate need of that, yes I am slack. I think I have gotten everything that has happened this week, so hope you life the update whores. I'm going to watch Greek now, so i will problary be unreachable for a couple hours.