Intersting Stuff, Along With Playlist(s) Five And Six And Postsecret Five:

Favorite Post Secrets List Six:

Playlist Five: Five Songs They Played At The Coming Home Ralley,
1.) Diva By Beyonce
2.) Paper Planes By M.I.A
3.) Love Story By Taylor Swift
4.) Swing Ya Rag By T.I.
5.) Party Like A Rockstar By Shop Boyz

Playlist Six: Songs I Could Never Get Tired Of,
1.) Circus By Britney Spears
2.) Tonight By FM Static
3.) Lips Like Morphine By Kill Hannah
4.) Swim By Jack's Mannequin
5.) Free To Be Me By Francesca Battistelli
Mmkay Now On To Me:
So for the last two weeks ya’ll probably thought I fell of the face of the Earth, no it’s just been rather busy. Last week was coming home week and I spent most of my time preparing for the winter guards performance at the prep rally to only find out we were not going to be able to perform which sucked majorly but, oh well. I have finally gotten back to my normal self and have put all this useless drama behind me. I am honestly very proud of myself. The weather in South Carolina has been amazing for the past couple weeks and I think that has also played a role in my happy mood. I have met up with some old friends and healed other friendships that were destroyed because I was an idiot which I will learn to never do again. I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for the amazing support group and awesome friends I have I would not have made it through December and January which have been some of the worst months I have had in a while. My friends are the reason I keep going when I want to give up, the reason why I smile even when I just want to sit down and have an emotional breakdown, the reason why I wake up ever morning knowing that I will get to see them as soon as I get to school. Having people run up to me in the morning screaming “Shannon!”, “Shannshine!”, “Shann Shann!” and whatever else comes to mind always is the highlight of my day, and I could not be more grateful for that. I am slowly but surely improving my grades in Algebra. On my project (which was pretty much homework on crack) I made a 95, and on my most recent quiz I made an 80 which is ten times better then those 33’s I seem to be getting often. I’m actually doing my algebra homework, AVID homework, and Global Studies homework and studying for every test quiz and again I am proud of myself. So for the most part (in the words of Will Farrell) the last two weeks have been glorious!

Ps. The monthly list for February I am planning on doing a fact sheet about me so that for those who don’t really know me will be able to know a little bit more about me, It is hard for me to just sit down and make a list about myself so if I’m not able to finish it this month I will post two for March.