Yeah, I'm Gonna Rant:

I am so sick and tired of this complaining, seriously cut it out. First off I hate with a passion when these words come out of a freshmen’s mouth, “Man why do we have homework on Friday?” are you serious, no seriously was that a real question? Your in high school you big faggot. I have been having homework on Fridays since elementary school. Put your big kid panties on and suck it up! Once you get a job are you going to say “Man, why do I have to work Friday?” it’s called responsibility, one of Richland Northeast’s core values how about you learn it! There is a reason why its one of the most important core values. Another thing in Colorguard we had (notice the word had) ten people on the team. Now we somehow have four. It doesn’t click in my mind why in god’s green earth you would join the team and quit when we are finally learning the dance, I mean I can understand if just Colorguard isn’t your thing but, you have ample time to leave the team before Sam started the dance that REQUIRES TEN PEOPLE. All the girls on the team also need to learn respect. If I, Sam, or Chelsea tells you to get up and do something, DO IT! Not five minutes later when you decide to, do it when we tell you. Also the next time I see a cell phone out during practice I’m going to throw it against the wall. How can you expect us to get anything done with you texting on your cell phone, and your obviously to ignorant to understand the words “put it away!” (That is seriously one of my biggest pet peeves ever.) There are a couple of girls on the team who thinks it’s funny to pick on other girls if they can’t get something right away. The current dance we are doing involves half dancers, and half flag work (so far). Everyone doing flag work is new to it except Chelsea, while everyone at dance is new except me. To do flag work you need to have a lot of arm strength that’s why it’s often good to do weight training, to help build up that arm strength for tosses and such. One girl was a slow learned at tosses, she grew as the days went along. I and Chelsea both think she is great at flag work she just needs to trust herself and build up that arm strength. While Sam is helping her with her tosses certain girls on the dance side will pick on her and literally will not shut up even when the girl tells them to shut up. First off if your going to pick on someone else about their performance, make sure you have your personal performance down before you say a word about any one else. I’m also getting tired of people not coming prepared for guard; um wearing jeans to guard is not okay. How about come prepared or don’t come at all. I’m so sick of the crap, don’t come to guard one day and quit the next because your to lazy to come for three hours of Colorguard. Stop you’re complaining, come ready, and DO NOT come back. You’re not helping the guard either way and as of right now I doubt we will be able to keep the guard. When you auditioned for guard you made a commitment to us, and you were chosen because of your abilities and the fact that we thought you were responsible enough to keep up with guard, I guess not. I'm done for now. (: