I Will Admit...

I use to be just like a man when it came to feelings. You would NEVER see my cry, not even close to it. I held my feelings in an unleashed them whenever I knew I was alone, whether that was in screaming and yelling or crying and being overly dramatic. Like Dane cook said “You walk into the house, and as soon as you here those three seconds of silent...and all hell breaks lose.” When high school started I begin to learn that crying was okay, and letting my guard down to let the people who loved me was a great feeling. Over the last three weeks I have had to watch someone I honestly love suffer, and fade away from me. And yes I am talking about my I guess you can still call him boyfriend (technology we are on a ‘break’.) It hurts for him to not trust me, to fade away like that. It hurts for him to look at me, and walk right past me off campus. I’m not going to lie, I hate with a passion this waiting game, for him to come around and everything to hopefully be okay soon but, something is keeping me there. I miss him so much and whenever my mind isn’t occupied with something I always turn back to him. Hopefully everything will be okay soon, and he will be able to talk to me about it. I don’t want to lose him, I love him, I miss him, and I want everything to be okay soon.

"Confidence is keeping it together, when the whole world would understand if you gave up."



Today is a winding road that's taking me to places that I didn't want to goToday in the blink of an eye I'm holding on to something and I do not know whyI tried, I tried to read between the lines. I tried to look in your eyes
I want a simple explanation For what I'm feeling inside I gotta find a way out Maybe there's a way out Today is a winding road Tell me where to start and tell me something I don't know Today I'm on my own I can't move a muscle and I can't pick up the phoneI don't know And now I'm itching for the tall grass And longing for the breeze I need to step outsideJust to see if I can breathe I gotta find a way out Maybe there’s a way out Yeah I'm walking on a tightrope I'm wrapped up in vines I think we'll make it out But you just gotta give me timeStrike me down with lightning Let me feel you in my veins I wanna let you know how much I feel your pain Today is a winding road that's taking me to places that I didn't want to go Your voice was the soundtrack of my summer Do you know you're unlike any other? You'll always be my thunder, and I said Your eyes are the brightest of all the colors I don't wanna ever love another You'll always be my thunder So bring on the rain And listen to the thunder.


Favorite Post Secrets (Four Out Of Fifty Two)


Waffle House Playlist (Four Out Of Fifty Two)

Songs That Remind Me Of Waffle House:

1.) Hey Jude By The Beatles

2.) Hotel California By The Eagles *The Live Version*

3.) I Love This Bar By Toby Keith

4.) Unbreak My Heart By Toni Braxton

5.) Should Have Said No By Taylor Swift


Yeah, I'm Gonna Rant:

I am so sick and tired of this complaining, seriously cut it out. First off I hate with a passion when these words come out of a freshmen’s mouth, “Man why do we have homework on Friday?” are you serious, no seriously was that a real question? Your in high school you big faggot. I have been having homework on Fridays since elementary school. Put your big kid panties on and suck it up! Once you get a job are you going to say “Man, why do I have to work Friday?” it’s called responsibility, one of Richland Northeast’s core values how about you learn it! There is a reason why its one of the most important core values. Another thing in Colorguard we had (notice the word had) ten people on the team. Now we somehow have four. It doesn’t click in my mind why in god’s green earth you would join the team and quit when we are finally learning the dance, I mean I can understand if just Colorguard isn’t your thing but, you have ample time to leave the team before Sam started the dance that REQUIRES TEN PEOPLE. All the girls on the team also need to learn respect. If I, Sam, or Chelsea tells you to get up and do something, DO IT! Not five minutes later when you decide to, do it when we tell you. Also the next time I see a cell phone out during practice I’m going to throw it against the wall. How can you expect us to get anything done with you texting on your cell phone, and your obviously to ignorant to understand the words “put it away!” (That is seriously one of my biggest pet peeves ever.) There are a couple of girls on the team who thinks it’s funny to pick on other girls if they can’t get something right away. The current dance we are doing involves half dancers, and half flag work (so far). Everyone doing flag work is new to it except Chelsea, while everyone at dance is new except me. To do flag work you need to have a lot of arm strength that’s why it’s often good to do weight training, to help build up that arm strength for tosses and such. One girl was a slow learned at tosses, she grew as the days went along. I and Chelsea both think she is great at flag work she just needs to trust herself and build up that arm strength. While Sam is helping her with her tosses certain girls on the dance side will pick on her and literally will not shut up even when the girl tells them to shut up. First off if your going to pick on someone else about their performance, make sure you have your personal performance down before you say a word about any one else. I’m also getting tired of people not coming prepared for guard; um wearing jeans to guard is not okay. How about come prepared or don’t come at all. I’m so sick of the crap, don’t come to guard one day and quit the next because your to lazy to come for three hours of Colorguard. Stop you’re complaining, come ready, and DO NOT come back. You’re not helping the guard either way and as of right now I doubt we will be able to keep the guard. When you auditioned for guard you made a commitment to us, and you were chosen because of your abilities and the fact that we thought you were responsible enough to keep up with guard, I guess not. I'm done for now. (:


Oh Jesus;

"You never know where the next miracle is going to come from,the next smile, the next wish come true, but if you believe it'sright around the corner, and you open your heart and mindto the possibility of it, to the certainty of it, you just might get the thing you're looking for." -one tree hill
Lately things have been very uncertain, as matter of fact this whole year so far is uncertain. I have found myself questioning things that I once found unquestionable. I am somehow stuck between what my heart wants, and my logical thinking. This year I have experienced the feeling that I hate the most, the feeling that I have lost control of the situation. That feeling that you’re no longer in control and your not sure when it will come back. Luckily I have a week to think things over, and hopefully I will make the best decision for not just me but for the people are me. I really don’t like this feeling like making decisions that could ruin me but, I guess I’m just going to have to believe that everything is going to be alright no matter what I choose.

Favorite Post Secrets: (Three Out Of Fifty Two)


Amazing Playlist (Three Out Of Fifty Two)

Sorry this post is so late, today was a very busy day. This post I wanted to be about the amazing artist that have kept me together through out the last few months. Yes, all of them are christain artist. Don't like it? Oh well!
1.)I Can Only Imagine By MercyMe
2.)I Will Not Be Moved By Natalie Grant
3.)I'm Letting Go By Francesca Battistelli
4.)In Better Hands By Natalie Grant
5.)Give Me Your Eyes By Brandon Health


"We Could Only Remember...

...how she would be able to dust herself off & start over again. & yet, we knew we couldn’t bear for her not to, & felt evermore optimistic that after all her struggles, she would someday meet her man, her equal. A man with the same charisma, love for life, & humanity she possessed. In the meantime, she’d have her friends, & the knowledge that she deserved the world." -Sex & the City


Today I have successfully;
1.) Created a theme song for my life.
2.) Had around five emotional breakdowns.
3.) Forced Ryan and Chris to join me in my breakdowns.
4.) Played red hands with Danny, lost horribly.
5.) Dropped five pounds of coffee on the ground.
6.) Broke a glass, which just happened to have hot boiling coffee in it.
7.) Almost got hit by a car taking out the trash.
8.) Got in a fight with the door...the door won.
9.) Slipped attempting to get in the shower, fell out the shower once I was done.
10.) Tried to discover the cure for stupid...didn’t get anywhere.
11.) Got in a slap fight with my cat.
12.) Tripped up the stairs not once, but three times all in the same millisecond.
13.) Tripped over my pants, but turned it into a sexy dance.
14.) Learned procrastination at it’s finest.
15.) Attempted to achieve nirvana... got nowhere.
16.) Learned the meaning behind trusticles.
17.) Missed my boyfriend, horribly.
18.) Thought about checking myself into a mental hospital.
19.) Thought about checking my friends into a mental hospital.
And last but not least....20.) Suffered third degree burns on my tongue.



Favorite Post Secrets: (Two Out Of Fifty Two)


A Tribute to Bob Dylan Playlist: (Two Out Of Fifty Two)

This playlist I have decided to dedicate to Bob Dylan, now even though I do not approve of some of the meanings behind his song. You have to admit, its Bob Dylan. What could be more awesome then that?

1.) Like a Rolling Stone by Bob Dylan
2.) Mr. Tambourine Man by Bob Dylan
3.) Times Are A Changing By Bob Dylan
4.) Emotionality Yours by Bob Dylan
5.) Rainy Day Women by Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan

Best Moive Ever Dedicated To Bob Dylan: I'm Not There


This Week:

This week has been pretty good; even through it was highly busy. We officially started our season in winter guard and are now practicing after school till 6:30 and getting the routine down for our first show down in Charleston at the end of January. Even though there is a little bit of drama, everything is going great and the new girls are getting the dance fast. It’s coming together quick, and I love it. Next week is exam week, and I have pretty much done every exam except for Algebra which I am NOT looking forward too. Lately every test I have been given from her, I have failed with at least a 60 or below. I know I know the material but I soon as I get tested on it, I fail it. I can pass every quiz and turn in all my work and such, but I soon as I get a quiz I freak and it sucks. I’m not sure if it’s because of the dyslexia that everyone claims I have or if I have test anxiety, but I really need to get to the bottom of it before I get kicked out of AVID. Good news though, I have brought my grade up in Physical science and am now passing with amazing effort, I’m very proud of myself. Today (Friday) I had my English exam and that was beyond easy I could have done it with my eyes close. So next week I will be twiddling my thumbs and figuring out ways to past my Algebra benchmark/exam. Anyway, drama in my life is gone (hopefully) and this week was good as far as that goes. Except my boyfriend has been sick with a chest cold, and was out for the last three days. I have been very worried about his health and missed him a lot. Hopefully he will be better by Monday. Oh yeah I also have two papers due by next week, one on the results from my egg drop project from physical science. The other shall be a speech for English, the speech is suppose to be a call the action, I have decided to do it on cancer in honor of Josiah. My call to action will be to give money for more cancer research and such, I’ll get back to ya’ll about that speech. This week I have also become a serious shopaholic and it’s very sad. Everyday this week I have gone somewhere to shop for something that was really not necessary when I should have been doing other more important things. I have successfully bought, Greek: Season Two (since I couldn’t fine season 1), fifty pounds of clothes from American eagle and Aerospatiale, and so much more. Someone go out and get me Secret Life of an American Teenager Season One, House All The Seasons, And Scrubs All The Seasons, I Will Love You Forever! I also went to my sisters first (I think) Mary Kay hostess party. Which I was glad I attended since it was all on skin care, and I am in desperate need of that, yes I am slack. I think I have gotten everything that has happened this week, so hope you life the update whores. I'm going to watch Greek now, so i will problary be unreachable for a couple hours.


"It's The Sense Of Touch...

...In any real city, you walk, you know? You brush past people, people bump into you. In L.A., nobody touches you. We're always behind this metal and glass. I think we miss that touch so much, that we crash into each other, just so we can feel something."


Top Ten Goals For January:

Number One: Give up all kinds of soda (diet or not) and instead drink more water.

Number Two: Do all my homework, and stop procrastinating.

Number Three: Have more patience with people, even when you
want to punch them in their eye.

Number Four: Try to get all B’s and/or A’s in all your classes.

Number Five: Listen more instead of talk.

Number Six: Give up junk food; this includes gummy worms, white chocolate
with blueberries, and such.

Number Seven: Say what is needed to be said instead of holding it in.

Number Eight: If I make a promise, keep it.

Number Nine: Actually keep up with my binder for AVID so that the night
before I’m not struggling to get everything done.

Number Ten: Trust in God more often.

The Best Women Always Comes Out On Top:

So tomorrow winter break officially ends, and I’m not ready to go back. Besides the fact that I have done NOTHING over the break, and will be spending countless hours arguing/talking to myself and getting all my work done and attempting to look normal for the public eye tomorrow I’m not readying to start all this drama back up. Yay, Story Time! As some of you may or may not know me and my boyfriend, Charles started dating on October 15, 2008. This chick, (we will call her Molly for now) liked Charles and I knew this, so before me and Charles started dating I went up to her and asked her point blank, “Is it okay if me and Charles date.” I told her to tell me the truth, and to not hold back. If Molly didn’t want me to go out with him, then I wouldn’t, and if she said it was fine, then I would. She told me that it would be okay if we dated, and I seriously sat there for thirty minutes asking her rapidity “Are you sure?” and again she gave me her word that everything would be okay. So sure enough a couple days after that Charles asked me out. At first everything was fine and dandy with me and him, and everything still is there is just one little problem, Molly. One day at lunch while I was with Charles walked up to her and attempted to hug her, she wouldn’t even look at me, no hug, and no nothing. Charles explained to me that she was a little pissed off that I and he are going out....UMMM HELLO?! Didn’t I just waste almost an hour of my life asking you if it was okay if we went out? Didn’t I put your feelings before mine and made sure it was okay with my FRIEND, and who is the one that lied straight to my face about it, along with a lot of other things? So, I got over it and thought to myself, let her be mad. I have done absolutely nothing wrong in this situation, and that’s that. Again, another couples of days later and at lunch (why does all this go down at lunch?) she walked up to me and attempting to give me her pathetic look she said “Shannon, I’m not mad at you I’m mad at Charles, and it has nothing to do with you it’s between him and me.” Well sweetie, when you’re mad at Charles because he is going out with me it has a major part to do with me. I said something (I really can’t remember what I said) and then walked away before I did something stupid. So everything seemed to die down, I’m not talking to molly because I honestly do not have time with all this bull crap. In physical science, (the class I do absolutely nothing in, yeah I know I need to work on that.) my good friend (we will call her, sparky) told me she needed to tell me something important. I told her to wait until I finished listening to Jason Mraz (because I was literally making babies with him) and to start a note and tell me. Blah blah, so she started one. She told me about how Molly in the morning before school started would literally attempt to be all over Charles and I mean ALL OVER not even a MARRIED couple would be all over each other the way she was attempting to be with Charles, and Charles would be like “Um, do you need a pill?” Oh, I was pissed. Psychical Science witnessed my wrath that day. Tears came flowing in the most unholy ways, I was crying because how could my FRIEND do that to me? How could she betray me in such a disgusting way? She called me “One of her good friends” well such a great friend you are. For the record, a good friend would not screw around with my boyfriend behind my back; I was honestly and truly disgusted by her actions. It doesn’t matter if you like Charles or not, have some flarking respect for me, him, and our relationship and get over it! By the time I calmed down and worked my way to the court yard to have lunch (again with the lunch thing) Charles had already heard about it, and we talked it out and everything became okay again and, once again I let it drop. Like a week after that happened Charles did something stupid and got put up for explosion and was away from school for about two months, (yes, he is an idiot, but I love that idiot so keep it to yourselves. Ha!) within those two months Molly called Charles and they talked a few, which was fine with me because I trusted Charles I just can’t trust Molly. If I don’t like someone, for whatever reason I have, I will tell them to their faces, and drop it. But, I can promise ya’ll this if I don’t like a person I would NEVER go behind their backs and talk bad about this, I would NEVER call them anything outside their name, and I would NEVER say anything to other people about them because quite frankly if I have something to say about you so help me God I will say it to your face. I’m just that kind of person; I have always been that kind of person. I have respect for people when I know for a fact they don’t have respect for me back. I’m not going to stoop down to their level, that’s just not me, nor will it ever be. So while this was all going on (and it still is, mer!) I never talked bad about Molly, or anything but as I knew was going to happen rumors got spread around that I was going to beat her up and such, and other people got involved in the drama, (it slightly amused me not going to lie) then after Charles handled it, it all drops. End of discussion but, I spoke to soon the last day of school before winter break one of my really good friends told me that she was telling people I was mad at her because my boyfriend liked her...hm, I’m smelling the sweat smell of denial. I have come to realize as I am telling you people my life story and pouring my feelings out to ya’ll that she CRAVES attention, like it’s a drug for her. Somehow inside my brain it’s not clicking how someone would put themselves out there like she has, just to get attention for a boy, and then when that boy isn’t given her the attention she wants she just does it harder the next time around. She has even recently tried to annoy me/ piss me off by commenting Charles’s pictures on myspace saying “One word Sexxyyy!” Charles hasn’t signed in so he isn’t aware of what she is trying to pull. It’s pathetic if you ask me, how could you not have respect for your reputation, for your body, and for your friends. Someone please answer that question for me, I seriously can not get it around my head. I’m asking for your advice, I want this crap to end; I want everyone to shut up put their big boy/girl panties on and get over it! I want an apology, even though I will never be able to be friends with her again because I don’t need people like her in my life right now. I want me and Charles relationship to be great without all this drama and I have already told Molly that I am not breaking up with Charles because I gave her the chance to tell me the truth and she didn’t, and it came back to bite her in the anus, And she claims that me and Charles staying together is fine with her. I'm trying to be the better person in this situation, and I think I have been doing good so far, but I'm about to snap. Some body anybody, give me advice. What am I suppose to do here, I can’t handle it anymore; it’s getting on my nerves. I am done I think, I apprentice it for everyone that comments this blog and give me advice and for actually reading all of this. I’m gonna spend the rest of the day completing my work, cleaning, and doing some stuff with myself before school.

-Love Ya’ll.


Favorite Post Secrets Of The Day: (One Out Of Fifty Two)

The Posion Playlist: (One Out Of Fifty Two)

Some of the best songs by posion ever:
  1. She’s my cherry pie by Poison
  2. Nothing but a Good Time by Poison
  3. Something to Believe In by Poison
  4. Talk Dirty To Me by Poison
  5. Rock and Roll all Night by Poison

January's List: (One Out Of Twelve)

One Hundred And One Things That Make Life worth Living For:
1.) The High School Experience.
2.) Sweet Tea.
3.) Old Memories.
4.) Falling Asleep In His Arms. <3
5.) White Chocolate with blueberries.
6.) Inside Jokes.
7.) Sleeping With the Window Open.
8.) Falling In Love.
9.) Broadway Musicals.
10.) Late Night Conversations.
11.) Learning Something Interesting And New.
12.) Good, Real, Honest, Amazing Friends.
13.) Knowing Someone Misses You.
14.) The Taste of Saltwater On Your Lips after the Beach.
15.) Cuddling With Your Favorite Animal.
16.) Completing all Your Homework So You Don’t Have To Make It Up.
17.) A Nap after a Long Day.
18.) The AMAZING Tan after Deadly Sunburn.
19.) To Write Love on Her Arms.
20.) Having a Deep Conversation with Someone You Trust.
21.) Laughing So Hard Your Crying.
22.) Three Hours of Colorguard after School.
23.) The Look and Sound of the Ocean at Night.
24.) The Sims 2: Apartment Life.
25.) Watching Random YouTube Videos.
26.) Pastels, Paint, and Graphite Pencils.
27.) Re-Runs Of Full House, And Saved By The Bell.
28.) Watching My Cat Fall Asleep In My Arms.
29.) Happy Tree Friends.
30.) Sitting In A Room Full Of People Discussing The Best Movies...Ever!
31.) Keeping a Box of Memories, And Looking Through It Often.
32.) WHA! (Waffle House Anonymous)
33.) “Put A Helmet On!” By Brad Stine
34.) His Kiss.
35.) Waking Up To a Singing Zaxby’s Box.
36.) Busting Out To Music When No One Is Around.
37.) Chinese Food.
38.) Proving the ‘Hater’s’ Wrong.
39.) Yankee Candles.
40.) The Way Your Hair Feels After A Haircut.
41.) Motorized Carts At Wal-Mart.
42.) Watching the Breakfast Club, and Quoting the Movie Every Two Seconds.
43.) Rainbows, the Shoes.
44.) Humper Buffers.
45.) Falling Asleep To Your Best Friend Spooning You.
46.) Watching College Footballs with Die Hard Fans.
47.) Poker with My Boyfriend and His Friends.
48.) Carmex Chap Stick.
49.) Funny Spelling Errors over AIM.
50.) The One Word Game In The Middle Of the Night.
51.) South Carolina’s Weather.
52.) Reading A Really Good Book That You Can’t Put Down.
53.) The Sound of a Colorguard Flag during a Speed Spin
54.) Mexican Food.
55.) Turing to the Bible for Advice.
56.) The Dollar Section in Target.
57.) Sitting Down And Listening To Ghost Stories.
58.) Overhearing A Compliment About Yourself.
59.) Scrapbooking an Important Event in Your Life.
60.) Taking Out All Your Anger While Playing Volleyball.
61.) Comedy Central Stand up Specials.
62.) Chick-Fl-A Milkshakes.
63.) Knowing You Accomplished Your Goal.
64.) Seeing Old Friends at Random Places.
65.) French Vanilla Coffee Early In the Moring, And Late At Night.
66.) Keeping Notebooks with Friends.
67.) Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter.
68.) New Episodes of Scrubs.
69.) Friends Running Up To You Every Morning at School for a Hug.
70.) Bacon, Egg, And Cheese Wraps with Hash browns Covered.
71.) Downloading New Music On To Your IPod.
72.) Listening To Songs That Relate To Your Current Situation.
73.) Watching My Nephew Grown Into A Handsome Young Man.
74.) Throwing Notes across the Classroom When the Teacher Turns Around.
75.) Hearing One of Your Favorite Songs on Your Favorite Radio Station.
76.) Spontaneous Road Trips with Good Friends.
77.) Sour Gummy Worms.
78.) Having Someone Tell You That You Are Beautiful.
79.) Knowing The Best Place To Watch The Sunset/Sunrise.
80.) Hide And Go Seek In The Freezing Cold.
81.) Watching Disney Movies, And Singing Along.
82.) Rolling The Windows Down, And Singing At The Top Of Your Lungs.
83.) Getting Butterflies When He Says I Love You.
84.) Making New Friends.
85.) Finding Out Who You Are.
86.) Laughing At Yourself, And Laughing For No Reason.
87.) Roasting Marshmallows on a Fire.
88.) Making up Words, And Convincing Yourself That They Are Real Words.
89.) Staying Up All Night, And Sleeping In All Day.
90.) Having A GREAT Hair Day.
91.) Being in the Limelight.
92.) Waking Up Early, And then Realizing You Have A Couple Hours Left To Sleep.
93.) Making Homemade Strawberry and Banana Muffins.
94.) The Feeling after a Long Hot Shower.
95.) Knowing You Belong Somewhere.
96.) Exploring Nature.
97.) Dancing In the Court Yard at School.
98.) Watching Family Guy Religiously Everyday.
99.) Getting Random but Thoughtful Gifts from Friends.
100.) Him Playing with My Hair, And Foot rubs.
101.) Waking Up To another Beautiful Day.

So I Have Decided...

So I Have Decided On The Following:
Every Saturday I Will Post A Playlist Of
Five Songs Of The Week.
Every Sunday I Will Post My Favorite Post
Secert, If You Don't Know What Post Secert is
Trust Me You Will Learn. (:
And Every Month I Have Decided To Make
A List, Like This Month The List Is 101 things
that make life worth living for.
Look Forward To These New Things,
And There Might Even Been More. (:


A Letter To A Missed Friend:

There isn’t a day that doesn’t go by that I don’t miss you. In January when the sickness took over, everyone who knew you found themselves asking why and questioning God. You were cured from the sickness, but soon it came back ten times worst. You were strong, and every time I talked to you, you always were optimist and not even this sickness could hold you back. When I heard that you passed away I was scared that I would forget you, remember you for a few days and then forget about you completely. But recently I haven’t been able to get you out of my mind. Whatever I listen to, watch, read, think about it all comes back to you. The memories we share, and the inside jokes, there is no way I can forget them. I never will. Walking into that high school with crowds of people, wearing orange, blue, and white, and the sad faces remembering you showed me that you impacted so many people in the short time that you lived on this earth. All the posters that people made for you and the homemade t-shirts worn to your funeral, you were loved by so many people. Even though it pains me to know that you are no longer with us physically, your in heaven now were the sickness is no longer running through your veins. Your death has taught me how special life is, and that even though I’m a teenager I’m not immortal. So this is my goodbye, a finale realization that you are happy and healthy now, and that you are with me everyday. Rest in peace darling, I Miss You So Much.


When I decided I wanted to start my blog back up and actually attempt to update daily and such. The first thing I thought about was “what is going to be the name of this blog!” Before my blog was named “The Everyday Life of Your Not So Average Teenager,” and I realized, that is really cliché. The whole day since I made up my mind about re-starting my blog I have been thinking of names, I seriously could barley function (more then usual that is.) So after running to circuit city, target, and Wendy’s I sat down and pulled up ITunes and listened to music while looking up lyrics. Every two seconds I IMed Raychel telling her names I thought were unique, and she IMed me back her opinions. Some of the names we thought of were, “Show Me What It Means to Live”, “So Long Self, It’s Been Fun”, “I’m Carrying Your Heart With Mine”, “The Secret Of The World Is Written In The Stars”, and “Worlds Collide As Heaven Pulls Us Through.” We both seemed to agree on “The Secret of the World Is Written in the Stars” and somehow got on the discussion of adding ‘P.S.’ to the blog title, I gave the idea of “P.S. I’m Carrying My Heart with you” and then discovered that was too sweet for the kind of things that will appear in my blog. So Raychel gave me the idea of doing “Ps. The Secret of the World is...” and at first I wasn’t going to use it, but a couple minutes later it grew on me. Raychel discussed to me that the title can mean different things for different people. For example to me it can mean I’m not sure what the secret of the world is because I haven’t found it yet. Then a good friend of mines Jonathan IMed I and we soon started talking about blogs and design templates, and he helped me set up the blog template with his rude opinions, but I love him anyway. I have planed to do some kind of weekly/daily/monthly thing. I got this idea from a friends of mine blog, brittney who does some diferent kind of daily/weekly things. So far I am doing a weekly playlist (there will be a new playlist of five songs of the week every Sunday.) I also want to do a monthly thing, but I’m not sure what that will be yet, so I will get back to you on that. I will post a blog About Me so you can learn and understand who I am better. So for now, goodnight.